Kennewick Jacket

This no-pattern jacket is fun, creative, comfortable, and wonderfully stylish to wear. You may choose from optional contrast fabrics, embroidered additions, a variety of styles, embellishments, and construction techniques, making this a truly personalized art-to-wear jacket. Change the garment length, and sleeve length, add a contrast cuff, change or omit the lapels, and add a decorative backpanel or pleat. The Kennewick Jacket is designed for fun and creativity. Feel free to add some sparkles with heat-set crystals, beads, or favorite embroideries, and trims. Have fun playing with your serger and with design ideas, then show off in your terrific new Kennewick Jacket. Many design ideas are on the last page of instructions. Fun, Fashion, Comfort, and Creativity, what could be better? A word on fabric: Drapey fabrics (not clingy) are the most slenderizing. Those that tear on grain are the easiest to work with. A fabric that looks good on both sides works best. Combine these three properties for a fabric that drapes softly, tears in both directions and looks good on both sides and you have a winner. My choice is a good quality rayon batik. I often use SewBatik fabrics. They fit all three criteria and are always great quality.