Changeling Minis

Change can be fun, especially when planned and when there is little room for a surprise. Surprises can be fun, too, and you’ll get a bit of both with this pattern. Garden Maze (green and pink) and Wild Cherry (red and white) use the same technique but are finished differently. Quarter of nine (black, gray, red, white) uses a similar technique with a very different variation. Quarter of nine(12″ X 16″) is tied with tiny buttons on your sewing machine. Garden Maze (13″ X 17″) is faux “tied” with embroidery floss and a machine bartack. Wild Cherry (13″ square) is stitched in the ditch and has machine embroidery on the wide border. Q9Blue (16″ X 21 ½”) is a variation of A Quarter of Nine. Changelings for fun and technique, too.