Download Thoughts

There are a number of free downloads to help you with sewing, embroidery software and quilting.  The “Stitcher’s Pantry” is more than just a list of things that are helpful to have on hand.  It contains a description of the various tools and products as well as the techniques for which I use them.  The “Stitcher’s Pantry” makes a nice reference, especially for those of you that have accessory feet for which you no longer remember the purpose.  It happens. 

Pins in binding drive me crazy.  I’m always sticking myself with them or getting thread tangles when doing hand stitching.  And, the tucks that can happen when the fabric “creeps” between pins is very annoying.  So, in my “No pin binding” technique, a heat bond fusible web eliminates the need for pins, stops the creeping and holds everything securely in place while stitching.  My favorite machine stitch is a tiny buttonhole stitch–I like the texture and it is easy to catch all the layers with this stitch. 

Lyla Messinger of LJ Designs sells a wonderful and soft fusible called “Ultra Soft Double Sided Fusible”.  Yes, it is a mouthful, but it is my favorite for fusing binding, hems, decorative patches and my favorite mitering technique (illustrated in the ”Dragonfly Moon”, ”Luna Moon”, “South Beach Sunset”  and “Flamingo Moon” quilts), because it is so soft and doesn’t add any bulk.  1/4″ wide Steam a Seam will do, but the Ultra Soft is my favorite. 

More about the other free downloads later.  Happy Stitching, Jilly