Teach someone to sew

If you have ever taught a beginner to sew, you know one of the most difficult things is to pick a first project. A successful first project will encourage your student to continue sewing.

The Fundamentals Bag is perfect for beginners because:

  1. With only two pieces (both rectangles) it is easy to cut out.
  2. It doesn’t need to be fitted)
  3. It teaches basics; Simple marking, Overcasting, Basic seaming, Back stitching, Trimming, Top stitching. ‘
  4. It is useful and may be used by the student to hold sewing supplies.
  5. It is appropriate for men, women, girls or boys.
  6. Materials and tool cost is minimal.
  7. The bag is cut from a half yard of fabric using only two cuts and leaving a 3″ X 5″ practice scrap.

When I first started teaching the bag I was thinking kids, but some of the parents of my younger students started taking sewing classes with me and they wanted to do the bag, too. So, now everyone starts with the bag, then moves on to PJ bottoms. After that it is students choice.

I hope you use these instructions and print one copy for each student. It would be great to see photos of your students with their finished bags. Cheers, J