All my patterns are easy– REALLY!

You might notice that the level of difficulty for each pattern is the same– All Levels. This isn’t a mistake or an exaggeration; it’s actually true. I’ve been designing patterns for a long time and know how to make patterns and write instructions that can be followed literally by anyone, regardless of skill level. If you are a beginner it will just take longer, that’s all. So don’t be intimidated if the pattern you  are drawn to has a lot of pieces or looks complicated. You can do it– I promise.  If you do happen to have a question, email me, I’ll help.

Money back guarantee.

All patterns are backed by a money-back guarantee. So relax and have fun!

Jill McCloy

Flamingo Moon

Quilt Pattern Flamingo


Finished size: 17.5″W X 32″H

Level:  All levels

Flamingo Moon is designed to stand alone or pair up with South Island Sunset. This sampler makes use of five different appliqué techniques, free motion embroidered details, and taper stitch accents.  Strengthen your embellishment skills and brighten any room with this original design.

South Island Sunset

Quilt Pattern Pelican


Finished size: 18″W X 31″H

Level:  All Levels

This lighthearted wall hanging is easy to stitch, but it has enough variety  to keep it interesting.  It features couched fibers as well as a quick mitering technique, so search out some yummy textured fibers to add interest to the sea grass and make this special quilt uniquely yours.

Luna Moon Quilt Pattern

Luna Moth Quilt Pattern


SIZE: 18″W X 31″H

LEVEL:  All Levels

This quilt features the Luna Moth. Effortless appliqué techniques make this is an easy, enjoyable quilt to stitch up. The simple design allows your color choices and fabrics to take center stage, leaving plenty of room for creativity.